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Working in partnership with Colusa Groundwater Authority and the California Department of Water Resources*, The Nature Conservancy is conducting an on-farm, multi-benefit demonstration program, which provides an opportunity for growers to receive financial compensation for recharging groundwater in the course of normal farming operations while also providing critical shallow wetland habitat for migratory birds.

Applications for the Fall 2021 Colusa County Multi-Benefit Groundwater Recharge Program can be submitted in spring 2021. We encourage early submissions.

We recognize you may be uncertain about water supplies this year, but we encourage you to apply if you are interested in participating in this program. There is no obligation to participate if your application is accepted.

Please use the online form below to submit your application(s) to participate in the fall 2021 program. Questions about the online application form can be directed to:

Julia Barfield                                            Mary Fahey                           
(916) 449-2852 (office)                           (530) 458-0719 (office)
(415) 640-4360 (cell)                              (530) 383-4625 (cell)

Any time while filling out your application, you may click “Save my progress and resume later” to create a password and come back to finish your application at a later date.

*Funding provided in part through DWR's Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGM) Grant Program: The SGM Grant Program provides funding for sustainable groundwater planning and implementation projects through a competitive grant solicitation process. Projects may include the development and implementation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) and those that provide investments in groundwater recharge with surface water, storm water, recycled water, the prevention of groundwater contamination.
Organization's legal name
County where the fields included in this bid are located. If your fields span multiple counties, choose the one where most of your fields are located.

Source of water to be used for this program.
Do you produce conventional or organic crops?

Please separate multiple crops with a semi-colon. (ex: Wheat; Alfalfa)

Post-harvest straw management practices for the site.
Primary Contact Information
Contract Representative
Application Details
This program is timed to coincide with bird migration between July 15 and October 15. Your enrollment would last for 4-6 weeks. Please choose the date closest to what would work with your production cycle.
25 acres minimum
List the named fields that correspond to this bid.
Name of the property that the fields are on.
Include as much detail as possible and attach a map (below).

    Click Enter Another Application to create a application for a different set of fields.

    Attach Field Maps
    Please attach one image or pdf file that clearly shows a map of the field(s) corresponding to your application(s). Click 'Attach Another Map' to attach more than one file.
    Note: the attachment must be no larger than 5MB in size.
    5 MB per file.
    Please include any additional information that will help us to understand your attached map(s).
    Attach 10 Year Crop History
    Please attach one file that clearly lists the crops grown in the proposed field(s) each of the last 10 years. Note: the attachment must be no larger than 5MB in size.
    5 MB per file.
    Please include any additional information that will help us to understand your attached map(s).
    Optional - Unenrolled Fields
    To judge the success of our program, we need to monitor bird usage of unenrolled fields, called control fields. These fields are not required to be managed in any specific manner.
    Include the name and location of your fields, and where they can be found on your attached map.
    Please make sure that the attached map(s) clearly indicate your available unenrolled field(s), including the field name(s).
    Please check each of these boxes and enter your full name below (required):
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    Contact Us

    Julia Barfield
    Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy
    916-449-2852 (office)
    415-640-4360 (mobile)

    Mary Fahey
    Program Manager, Colusa Groundwater Authority
    530-383-4625 (mobile)

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    Groundwater Resource Hub
    Colusa Groundwater Authority