On-Farm, Multi-Benefit Groundwater Recharge Program

Working in partnership with the Colusa Groundwater Authority, The Nature Conservancy is conducting an on-farm, multi-benefit program, which provides an opportunity for growers to receive financial compensation for recharging groundwater in the course of normal farming operations on a variety of crops while also providing critical wetland habitat for waterbirds migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

Farming for Sustainable Groundwater and the Flyway

The Nature Conservancy seeks short-term commitments from growers to irrigate and maintain shallow depths on enrolled fields. The program pays for field preparation, irrigation and water costs. We choose sites with soil types conducive to recharge, and fields suitable for open ponded or flooded conditions that provide “pop-up” habitat in early fall when water is scarce on the landscape and shorebirds often have nowhere to stop over on long migrations.


Julia Barfield
Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy
916-449-2852 (office)
415-640-4360 (mobile)

Mary Fahey
Program Manager, Colusa Groundwater Authority
530-383-4625 (mobile)