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Submit a Delta Farmlands Bid

Delta Farmlands Program Bid Form

DEADLINE: October 28, 2021

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Image of Sandhill Cranes

BirdReturns-Delta Farmlands Winter 2021-2022 Habitat Program Bid Form

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity. Please submit your bid(s) below for the Winter 2021-2022 program. Questions about this form or the bidding process can be directed to: 

Julia Barfield                                       Dawit Zeleke 
Project Manager                                  President
The Nature Conservancy                    Conservation Farms and Ranches, Staten Island                     
(916) 449-2852                                     (530) 518-7244                         

For this bid you will need to attach a map or maps that include each of the fields proposed in your bid.

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Organization's legal name
County where the fields included in this bid are located. If your fields span multiple counties, choose the one where most of your fields are located.
Primary Contact Information
Contract Representative
Property Details
Name of the property that the fields are on.
Include as much detail as possible and attach a map (below).
Bid Details
This program is designed to provide critical shallow flooded habitat between December 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022Fields must be flooded to required depths for a minimum of 21 days, and the initial flood up must take place between December 1-31. After the required flooding duration ends, a gradual drawdown reducing water levels incrementally over 2 weeks is required. Further details on required practices are available here.
Fields included in your bid
Click the Add Another Field link at the end of this section to include an additional field in this bid.
The field name as listed on the map that you attach to this bid.
Include all the costs required to deliver this habitat.
Date by which required field depths are achieved.
Excluding the two-week drawdown.
25 acres minimum

Please separate multiple crops with a semi-colon. (ex: Wheat; Alfalfa)
Do you produce conventional or organic crops?
Source of water to be used for this program.
Post-harvest straw management practices for the site.
You can select multiple options.
Please separate multiple preparation types with a semi-colon. (ex: Type 1; Type 2)
Attach Field Maps
Please attach one image or pdf file that clearly shows a map of the field(s) corresponding to this bid. Click 'Attach Another Map' below to attach more than one file.
Note: the attachment must be no larger than 5MB in size.
Please include any additional information that will help us to understand your attached map(s).
Optional - Unenrolled Fields
To judge the success of our program, we need to monitor bird usage of unenrolled fields, called control fields. These fields are not required to be managed in any specific manner, but they should not be concurrently enrolled in any habitat programs.
Include the name and location of your fields, and where they can be found on your attached map.
Please make sure that the attached map(s) clearly indicate your available unenrolled field(s), including the field name(s).
Please check each of these boxes and enter your full name below (required):
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